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Joann G. 3 months ago
Seth and everyone at his office were awesome and kept us updated on everything that was going on with our case. They were always available when we had...
K H. 4 months ago
Seth and his team are awesome. All questions answered and the process worked without a hitch.
Renate Strohdach 4 months ago
Andrew R. 5 months ago
Seth is the best Bankruptcy attorney around! He makes sure to explain everything to you so you never felt left in the dark. He keeps the process as simple...
Jackie Rackow 5 months ago
Words cannot express how incredibly pleased I was with Seth and his team by my side. I had been very nervous about the whole process of filling bankruptcy but Seth, Andrew and Amy made a world of difference getting through it. The communication too that I had with this office was beyond what I expected. They kept me in the loop about everything and whenever I had a question it was answered. I can't thank this team enough! You all are wonderful people and I am so happy that I chose to have you help me through this unfortunate time in my life. Thanks again!
Randall Gove 5 months ago
Seth's office saved me big time. I was drowning in debt. He gave very good advice too.
Chuck Kight 5 months ago
Veronica H. 5 months ago
Hello and Blessings, I enjoyed meeting Seth and allowing him and his team in helping me with my bankruptcy. Thank you Seth, Andrew, Amy and Chris for...
Caroline Dimmen 6 months ago
Pamela E. 6 months ago
Seth and staff were very helpful in helping me. i had lots of questions snd concerns at times i was fearful, but they calmed my fears addressed all...
Patty Meyers 7 months ago
Very satisfied..
Linda Mulrane 9 months ago
I was at my wits end when I finally decided to file bankruptcy. I had no idea what to do. I went to Seth s office and the kindness and compassion I was shown was unbelievable. EVERY person in Seth s office was so helpful and kind. Their knowledge regarding bankruptcy was amazing and they were there for me every step of the way. The process was smooth and went exactly the way it had been explained to me. I can t count the times I called Chris to ask a question! Each time he was patient and kind; never once did he make me feel I was annoying. I recommend Seth Hanson to anyone who has to file bankruptcy. One last note... THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart to Seth and his amazing staff!
Denise M. 10 months ago
Seth's team is caring, attentive, and kept me informed through the whole process.
Harley E 11 months ago
I can t thank you enough for the excellent service you and your staff have provided us. You kept everything calm and smooth as the process progress from start to finish. You went above and beyond to keep us reassured and well informed all the way and I would say, aside from your impeccable knowledge of the law your personalized service is what gives you the niche. My wife and I are very much appreciative and trust that you re the 1st person in our minds for friends who may be in the similar situation as us. Again, thank you and more power to you and your staff.
Yan R. 1 year ago
If you are looking for a bankruptcy attorney, go to Seth Hansen,he makes the process easy and way stress free. And he has an excellent office staff as well,...
Kate L. 1 year ago
Seth and his team are nothing short of amazing. They handled my case seamlessly and always answered any and all of my questions with so much understanding,...
Jerri S. 1 year ago
What a wonderful man Seth Hanson is, along with his entire team! Can't say enough about the kindness they show clients, and patience:0) Thanks!
Keegan F. 1 year ago
Wow! Honestly, I had been to several law offices prior to visiting the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson. My experience from the first time I entered the office...
Ruth Green 1 year ago
Contact them now. You’ll be glad you did!
Adrian E. 1 year ago
Very pleased with the way they handled our case. Staff is so helpful and very accommodating. Seth himself is excellent in what he does and yet full of...
Karen B. 1 year ago
I want to let you know that I am so appreciative of the conscientious and professional manner in which you helped me through my financial difficulties,...
Michele L 1 year ago
Being an experienced litigation legal secretary for the past 17 years, I found your services to be outstanding. I never felt like I had to chase your team for the status of my case and I was made to feel confident in your team’s knowledge of the process which kept me calm throughout, including questions of worrying about timing of getting another job and/or funding my bank account with my unemployment benefit payments and whether they would be taken by my creditors furthering my destitution. By the way, behind every successful attorney, is the talent of their staff. You guys were outstanding!
Mike M 1 year ago
I am writing on behalf of the law office of Seth Hanson. Seth and his staff were absolutely amazing! I couldn't ask for a better representation while filling for bankruptcy. His staff including Andrew and Chris were always so helpful and set my mind at ease during this difficult time. I would recommend their services to anyone. I'd like to close by saying thank you!
Ronald Jenkins 1 year ago
First of all, thank you so much for helping me start my financial life over again. Going through Bankruptcy was very simple with you and your team. That is saying a lot. You clearly explained the process to me up front. You and your team answered all my questions that came up along the way and represented me with the utmost professionalism. Not to mention you handled my special requests promptly . Knowing that I had you and your team in my corner helped a lot. I am very grateful for your help.
Kathi Rowland 1 year ago
I can't thank Seth enough for all the expert professional help and advise he gave me through the awful process of bankruptcy. He was there for me when I had questions and was always helpful and happy to assist. His assistant, Chris was also very helpful and knowledgable and most pleasant to work with. My sincere thanks to you both. You're an awesome team!
Jennifer McCollam 1 year ago
Kelsea Lake 1 year ago
The ease of the entire process was so amazing, everyone was on top of it all of the time whether it was answering my endless questions, getting my petition ready or making me feel as comfortable as possible. When we were at the meeting of creditors everything went so smooth because all of the paperwork and things were in place. I also had a ton of questions that everyone was able to help answer. I highly recommend them if someone is going to have to go through bankruptcy! My aunt has actually been in contact with Seth per my recommendation, absolutely hands down the best place to go
Zola Burgess 1 year ago
"Seth provided a perfect professional, efficient and friendly service, which was FLAWLESS from start to finish. Seth is compassionate and understanding, able to give you hope and a new start. Also the wonderful office staff was kind, efficient and respectful. You will absolutely not be disappointed. Seth would be my only choice for bankruptcy help. A perfect help in a time of need."
Joe B. 1 year ago
After being on state disability and unemployment due to a severe back injury, which required major surgery, I found myself unable to maintain my debt...
Bridget Hayden 1 year ago
Seth is by far the best choice for filing such an embarrassing decision. He is knowledgeable, understanding and takes his time. He shows that he really wants to help you and he is affordable. He came to my house (a comfortable environment) to talk about such a stressful time and choice. The book Seth provided me REALLY helped with questions I had. Everyone was very respectful and supportive with the process. It was a great experience working with Seth. He and his colleagues take the time to explain things in a clear and concise manner, and everyone is very responsive. It was a pleasure. If you choose to work with Seth Hanson, you will not be disappointed. Filing is a humiliating feeling but Seth made the process smooth and comfortable.Thank you!!
Norma Lynn 1 year ago
So thankful I found The Law Office of Seth L. Hanson. He and his staff helped to make the difficult process of filing bankruptcy much easier. He and his staff are so kind and compassionate, extremely helpful and quick to respond to phone calls and emails and answered every question. So professional and caring. I cannot imagine having gone through this without Seth and Chris. They went above and beyond to make this easier for me. Seth and his team are amazing!!!
Ron Dee 2 years ago
Mr. Hanson helped me through a very tough time with compassion and kindness. He and his staff are professional and courteous and I highly recommend him if your circumstances warrant the type of services his firm provides.
Lylia Lovesflowers 2 years ago
We could not be happier with the results of our case. Seth Hanson made a very critical difference in our future. The time and effort put forth on Seth's behalf until the end was truly appreciated. I will gladly recommend your services to any of my friends or family that might need it. Thank you again for your help. Highly recommend Seth Hanson!
Catherine Fites 2 years ago
Seth was very personable as was everyone in the office. Our questions were answered thoroughly and promptly. We knew what was going on during the entire process thanks to your frequent updates. Seth knew the process and told us what to expect. There were no surprises thanks to Seth preparing us through each step of the way. Seth and staff provided excellent service, were very professional, and provided prompt and accurate answers. I would highly recommend your firm to all of my friends and family.
Dan Alexander 2 years ago
Mr. Hanson's practice is focused on bankruptcy and is the go to guy for those tough cases. He will fight for your discharge.
B F 2 years ago
Seth and I have worked together for the past 5 years with mutual clients. He's one of the best Attorneys in the business.
Nicholas Yakov 2 years ago
Seth is a very knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney. He even helped me find another attorney in the family law division. Extremely helpful and very easy to communicate with.He is very caring and professional, I highly recommend.
Nicholas E. 3 years ago
Seth is a very knowledgeable Bankruptcy Attorney. He even helped me find another attorney in the family law division. Extremely helpful and very easy to...
Sam Barnes 3 years ago
Catherine F. 3 years ago
Seth was very personable as was everyone in the office. Our questions were answered thoroughly and promptly. We knew what was going on during the entire...
Wendy V. 3 years ago
Filing BK can be a really hard thing to do, I was embarrassed and felt judged. When I called to get help with Seth he and his staff made me feel at ease,...
Robin B 3 years ago
Seth and his staff are the best! Couldn't ask for more. Seth is always there with an answer ............Yes, a lawyer that returns phone calls and emails immediately! I appreciate that he is always caring and comforting as well as professional. He knows what he's doing and I know that I am in good hands. Would HIGHLY recommend Seth to anyone looking for help with Bankruptcy. It's not a fun thing to go through but when life smacks you in the face with something like this you can count on Seth to make it that much easier!
Janessa J. 4 years ago
Seth is the greatest bankruptcy lawyer I came across I called at least 5 different lawyers and none of them seemed as if they were caring and light.. He...
Krista Nicole Foster 5 years ago
David McIver Edwards 5 years ago
Doug Merrill 5 years ago
Issachar Rivers 5 years ago