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Bankruptcy Is All We Do

At our firm, bankruptcy is all we do. By focusing just on bankruptcy, we believe we are able to provide outstanding service to our clients by keeping our bankruptcy skills sharp, maintaining great relationships with the bankruptcy court and bankruptcy trustees, and avoiding the distraction of practicing in multiple areas.

How Does Filing Bankruptcy Help Solve Credit Problems?

Filing bankruptcy is a powerful tool for solving many credit problems such as creditor lawsuits, foreclosure, utility disconnection, and even evictions. But you'll need the guidance of a good California bankruptcy lawyer to discover how this tool can help you get the debt relief you need.

Stop Creditors

Filing for a Roseville bankruptcy puts an immediate end to creditor calls and other collections efforts. Once you file Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California, an automatic stay stops creditors from calling you, writing you, or making any effort to get you to pay them.

Stop Eviction

If you're facing an eviction, filing bankruptcy may help you stay in your apartment. However, you'll need to file bankruptcy before the landlord gets a court order. It's important to note that California bankruptcy law won't protect you if you've damaged the landlord's property and filing bankruptcy will only buy you time so that you can eventually pay back rent. Filing bankruptcy doesn't free you of your responsibility to pay your rent-in other words you can't stay in the apartment rent free.

Stop Foreclosure

If you're at risk of losing your home to foreclosure, filing bankruptcy can help. As soon as you file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the automatic stay will put a temporary end to the foreclosure process, buying you time to figure out a way to pay your mortgage and any arrears. In Chapter 13 bankruptcy you can repay your mortgage arrears through your payment plan over a three to five year period.

Stop Utilities Disconnection

Having your utilities cut off is inconvenient at best and at worse life threatening. If you're facing the shut off of you telephone, gas, electricity, or water services, filing bankruptcy can buy you more time. The bankruptcy automatic stay can stop utilities disconnection for at least 20 days, and if you're filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy, most utility debts will be discharged completely.

Dignity and Professionalism

At the Law Offices of Seth L. Hanson we believe in treating Citrus Heights, Roseville, and Auburn bankruptcy filers with the professionalism and dignity they deserve. Since 2006 our law firm has helped hundreds of individuals and families file Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy in California and we want to provide you with the same level of excellence that we live by.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Whether you're looking for a Roseville bankruptcy attorney, a Auburn Bankruptcy attorney, or searching for "bankruptcy attorney Citrus Heights California" you can rest assured that we have the experience to file a successful and good California bankruptcy on your behalf, and that you'll be walked through the process like no other California bankruptcy lawyer can. We've helped many families through chapter 7 bankruptcy or "liquidation" bankruptcy and can help you understand what the means test is, how keep your property exempt in bankruptcy, and help you answer the all too common question "how can I improve my credit score?".

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Among all bankruptcy lawyers in Roseville CA as well as bankruptcy attorneys in Citrus Heights, Folsom and Auburn, we feel we are uniquely positioned to harness our extensive knowledge and experience with both federal and California bankruptcy laws to truly help distressed consumers. We’ve helped many people successfully file a Roseville bankruptcy or Sacramento Bankruptcy and are waiting to help you too.

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Bankruptcy attorney Seth Hanson practices before all divisions of the bankruptcy court for the Eastern and Northern districts of California and is among the top echelon of California bankruptcy attorneys. We have convenient locations throughout the region, including Sacramento and Roseville. Contact California bankruptcy attorney Seth Hanson today at (916) 780-7005 and schedule your FREE consultation to discuss your debt relief options.

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