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Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy is not for everyone. But in some situations, bankruptcy is the only way to avoid a burdensome life of oppressive debt. Financial hardship can occur for a number of reasons: health problems, disability, job loss, divorce, declining property values, and just getting in over your head to name a few. If you are feeling the heavy burden of financial hardship, please don’t continue to needlessly languish. The Law Office of Seth L. Hanson has helped many good families and individuals in Yuba City file Chapter 7 bankruptcy and Chapter 13 bankruptcy. You can experience a fresh start today with the help of Yuba City bankruptcy attorney Seth L. Hanson and his experienced staff of bankruptcy professionals. Why spend another day fretting or depressed about your finances? Call Seth and his staff today for a FREE CONSULTATION at (530) 797-4402 and take your first step toward financial freedom.

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Seth L. Hanson, along with his team of experienced bankruptcy professionals, can help you navigate through this difficult time. We are aware that everyone suffers from different and unique financial situations, and our team works hard to tailor fit our services to your needs. The Law Office of Seth L. Hanson helped hundreds of individuals and families. To get a feel for the type of service we provide and the experience we strive to provide every client, please read the testimonial section of our website.

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Here at the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson, our team of experienced bankruptcy professionals is dedicated to finding the right solutions for your debt and insolvency problems. Put your financial problems behind you by calling a Yuba City bankruptcy attorney today at (530) 797-4402 to set up a free initial consultation. Choose one of the best Yuba City bankruptcy attorneys available. Choose the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson today.