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Bankruptcy Is All We Do

My law firm focuses solely on bankruptcy. We have helped well over a thousand people file for bankruptcy protection and I have personally counseled with many thousands of people about their finances. Because we focus just on bankruptcy, we can keep our skills sharp and maintain great relationships with the bankruptcy judges and bankruptcy trustees.

We Are Local

My office is centrally located in downtown Auburn near Placer High School. Our address is 1223 High Street.

My wife, 4 kids, and I live in Newcastle. My sons are a senior and junior at Placer High School and my daughters are in 8th and 7th grade at Newcastle Elementary. As a father of four, I understand some of the financial challenges in raising a family.

We Are Here to Help

I have worked with people experiencing all sorts of financial challenges including foreclosure, collection problems, lawsuits, divorce, job loss, disability, medical problems, injured in a car accident, suffering from depression, rapid decrease in home value, and a failing business to name a few. It is certainly difficult to file bankruptcy. However, for many people, bankruptcy is the best option for a financial fresh start.

Bankruptcy can also be intimidating. There are many technical procedures and legal terms that can be difficult to understand. The consequences of a legal misstep can be devastating. If you think filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy might be the right decision for you, call Seth L. Hanson, an experienced Auburn bankruptcy attorney, today at (530) 797-4402.

Bankruptcy Attorney Seth L. Hanson and His Team

My experienced team of caring bankruptcy professionals work hard each day to help our clients understand the bankruptcy process. We do our best to remove as much financial stress as possible.

One of the Most Trusted Bankruptcy Attorneys in Auburn

Our compassionate team is dedicated to helping people with their financial problems. Let our bankruptcy professionals help you during this difficult process. Begin to overcome your financial problems right now by calling Auburn bankruptcy attorney Seth L. Hanson at (530) 797-4402 to set up a free consultation. Choose the one of the best bankruptcy attorneys in Auburn. Choose bankruptcy attorney Seth L. Hanson.