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Filing for bankruptcy can be a very difficult experience. Without extensive knowledge of Chapter 7 bankruptcy statutes and Chapter 13 bankruptcy statutes, filing bankruptcy can result in extremely adverse legal consequences. Fairfield bankruptcy attorney, Seth L. Hanson recognizes the need to be represented by competent legal counsel in these cases. Seth and his team of compassionate professionals have helped hundreds of good families and individuals successfully navigate the bankruptcy process. They can help you too. To speak with Seth during a free consultation, call today at (707) 385-0422.

Why Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Bankruptcy is a very technical and challenging process. Without the guidance of a knowledgeable bankruptcy attorney, the many pitfalls in dealing with the bankruptcy court or the bankruptcy trustee may result in the liquidation of assets, an unfeasibly high Chapter 13 plan payment,the avoidance of preferential payments or transfers,or even your case being dismissed without a discharge.At the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson we are experienced in all of these issues and can safely guide you through the complex process of bankruptcy. Rest assured that our team has the knowledge and experience necessary to solve your legal problems.

Individualized Service for Each Client

Seth L. Hanson and his team of bankruptcy professionals are well-respected in the Fairfield area and provide clients with outstanding service. Our team understands that each financial situation is unique, and we will work hard to tailor our services to your needs. At the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson we have helped hundreds of good people file for bankruptcy. We can help you too.

Get To Know Your Financial Team

Here at the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson, our team of skilled professionals is dedicated to finding the right solutions for your debt and insolvency problems. Put your financial struggles behind you by calling Fairfield bankruptcy lawyer, Seth L. Hanson, today at (707) 385-0422 to set up a free consultation. Choose one of the best Fairfield bankruptcy attorneys. Choose the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson.