That Seth is wonderful, very kind, and made me feel like I wasn’t alone in the process, calmed me at the court just by being there. I felt very comfortable and trusted everything that was said to me. I appreciated everyone’s quick responses to phone calls or emails. When I called someone always spoke directly to me didn’t make me leave messages.

– Wendy

I felt good about contacting the office of Seth Hanson because he was listed with the Nolo Press website…a legal self-help publishing company which had helped guide me, many years ago, through the legal wrangling of creating a non-profit charitable organization in California. I felt that Nolo Press, which is run by attorneys, would have very high standards for any attorney that they were going to refer.

I did get a chance to establish a few initial consultations with other Nolo-referred attorneys, but I had a very good initial rapport with Seth’s staff, their pricing was fair, and they seemed very patient and helpful.

First of all, Seth’s paralegal, Alex, took many of my initial questions. He was very helpful and provided very sensible responses for my questions regarding several of my early concerns about the requirements for filing. He was very informative, and when he wasn’t certain about an answer, he called me back with an answer within a few hours. In fact, I spoke with him a couple of times within the short timeframe before my scheduled appointment with Max. He also allowed me to ask as many questions as I wanted… so that I never felt rushed.

Max Huffman, my attorney, was available for consultation nearly right away. I had to delay my appointment due to personal obligations. So when I was finally ready, Seth’s office fit me right in for an appointment. Max was very attentive to my concerns and his responses to my questions provided me a sense of assurance and relief.

Throughout the course of my filing, Max was always available. He quickly answered my calls and emails and proved to be a very dedicated and reliable professional.

My experience with Seth Hanson’s legal team was seamless…everyone was engaged and committed to help me succeed with my case, no matter how many questions I had.

I would also like to thank and to recommend Max Huffman for his help with my Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. Over the course of nearly 1 year, I spent a great deal of time visiting many attorneys who provided a free initial consultation. Additionally I spoke with several paralegals who said they could provide the right answers to get the job done for a small flat fee. I also read several self-help legal books on the subject and took notes to improve my knowledge.

All of this background work helped me to ask more intelligent questions to all of the prospective attorneys who I had to choose from. But, to be quite honest, the more I learned, the more I realized that I needed legal representation from an attorney that I could trust to give me the answers that pertained to my specific situation.

I chose to work with Max because he had a very calm demeanor, and was very personable. His level of confidence and his expertise put my mind at ease and I felt comfortable working with him during a time when my financial position was making me feel very defeated.

Max was very professional, very friendly and very prompt with all correspondences. Additionally, his understanding of the code helped resolve more than a few concerns that I had regarding my eligibility for a Chapter 7 versus a Chapter 13 qualification. He provided me with a great deal of confidence throughout the process and spoke in my defense when the trustee confronted me with a question at my final hearing. He did a great job and everything turned out exactly as planned.

Thank you.

– JD

Thank You.

Thank you very much for your excellent service in my filing of a Chapter 7. I was able to compare the kind of service the other applicants and filers had with other lawyers/law offices and I can safely say your office delivered the best service. This is based on the results of the meeting with the trustee. There was one who didn’t have a Social Security card. Another had no pay stub when he was employed. Another one had inconsistency with information provided, etc. All these, I felt, the lawyer or the law office could have helped the applicant prepare. I said this because Max, you had laid all the cards on the table during our first meeting. You made me fully informed as to the process and proceedings and had me submit all the necessary documents. Hence, it really was a painless process on my part because you had me prepared and my paperwork prepared. Although I had butterflies in my stomach, it all went away when I saw you, Max! You made me fell safe and feel that everything is going to be alright.

– Anonymous

From the bottom of my heart.

Thanks, Dominique for the follow-up call and reminder. You are certainly cut to fit the front desk job. Thanks, Max for everything! You’re an answer to my prayers! Seth is lucky to have you as a part of the firm. You’re an asset to the law office. I will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends who will be in my predicament. Thanks again for everything and may you have a happy and blessed New Year!

– Nenita

Utmost Professional

Working with Seth and his staff was such a pleasure, even though the subject matter was difficult. They were very professional on all levels. Calls were returned immediately. They were extremely prepared, which made the whole process easier for everyone. I would recommend them to anyone looking for an attorney.

– Sue

Very Satisfied Client

I would highly recommend Seth Hanson and his staff! My case was handled professionally and most of the details were taken care of without office visits. This is incredibly valuable to me as my time is not replaceable and still every portion of the matter was handled quickly and, again, professionally.

If I have a future need for an attorney this will be the first office I call without question. I have already recommended his services to others and I do not recommend to friends without complete confidence that they will be handled as well as I.

– James

Provided Me With a Great Deal of Confidence

I would like to thank and recommend the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson and Max Huffman for their help with my bankruptcy. Over the course of nearly 1 year, I spent a great deal of time visiting many attorneys who provided a free initial consultation. Max was very professional, friendly and prompt with all correspondences. His understanding of the code helped resolve my many concerns. He provided me with a great deal of confidence throughout the process and everything turned out as planned.

– Anonymous

Very Professional

Seth and his staff were very professional in the handling of our case. Calls were returned immediately and he was very thorough with the paperwork involved. I felt assured that I was in “good hands”. I would and I do recommend him to anyone who might need his assistance.

– Anonymous

Could Not Have Been More Pleased

I could not have been more pleased with how Seth handled our case for us. During a very strenuous time Seth made the process easy to deal with and was on top of our case from beginning to end. This was very apparent when we met with the Trustee and saw how unprepared many other individuals’ attorneys were.

– Anonymous

Everything about your services was over the top and a 10+. I was so very impressed with your professionalism; knowledge and how very comfortable you made me feel. You made the entire process, including the meeting with the trustee, so less stressful. Thank you for always being there for me – answering my never-ending questions, and always communicating in a timely manner. I never felt like I was just a number or client. Your kindness did not go unnoticed. I have already shared the name of your firm with others. All positive! I have seen what others have gone through with filing bankruptcy. My process was much more pleasant. Thank you.

– Anonymous

Everyone was courteous and very kind to us. We felt very good in working with your office team. We were very impressed by everyone’s knowledge and also that we were given professional guidance though this process. Everyone was wonderful. Having such a friendly and professional office to work with made this process less strenuous. Whenever we had questions they were answered promptly and efficiently. We would highly recommend your offices. This is a process that makes anyone uneasy and your offices made us feel “human” from beginning to end.

– Anonymous

I was very impressed with your knowledge of the law and your patience in answering all the layman’s questions I had for you. I liked that I could email to you at any time what was needed, and that you were able to answer my questions quickly and concisely via email. I was very pleased with the way I was treated in the office, at court, and via email. Your office was very professional and compassionate. Your response to me was better than I expected, and again, I was pleased with the ease of obtaining answers to my questions throughout the process. I would (and already have) told friends that this is the office to do business with in the area of bankruptcy. I was, and am satisfied with your representation. Thank you all again for your help and understanding. This was a very painful choice for me to make, and once the choice was made, you and your staff made it much more bearable. I especially appreciated that no one that I dealt with in your office was judgmental in any way towards me or my situation. I hope the New Year treats you all very well.

– Joan

Highly Recommended

I have worked with Seth and he is the utmost professional in how he works with his clients. If you need an attorney you can trust I would highly recommend the Law Office of Seth Hanson.

– David

Everyone was very professional and efficient. Seth, and everyone that I had contact with were very knowledgeable. I was very pleased with how we were treated by his staff. My questions were always answered promptly. I was very pleased with the service I received and would not hesitate to refer someone to your firm.

– Anonymous

The best part of the service Hanson Law offices was how simple you all made the process! Everyone I dealt with was kind, understanding and knowledgeable. I must have called with a million questions, and each one was patiently answered. If the person did not know the answer to my question, they always found out and returned my calls exactly when they said they would. I appreciated that, I get nervous about things I do not know about, and everyone who helped me, put my mind at ease. My impression of your knowledge of the law and the bankruptcy process was that you all knew what you were doing. And when you did not know the answer, you gave the appropriate response – that you would find out! I appreciate the honesty! Everyone treated me fairly, and with kindness and respect during this challenging time in my life. Again thank you! If a friend asked my impression of this law firm, I would let them know how friendly, respectful, and accommodating you all were.

– Rose

Thank you so much! It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I am very grateful for your knowledge and excellent customer service!!!! A very special thank you to you, Amie, and Seth!

I have recommended your services for various things to three of my close friends. I will ask if they have followed up and called for a consultation, but I recommended you all nonetheless. If I have any other legal issues, I will certainly call you first!
Thank you again!

– Matthew

I liked that your fast, friendly service. You were all knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy. Your treatment of me as a client was spectacular! You were great at promptly responding to my questions and concerns. I loved that you provided courteous and quick responses to all my questions.

– Donna

First of all we want to say Thank You to all of you for getting us through this difficult process. What we liked best about your services was that everything was fully explained to us, every step of the way. We had complete confidence in your knowledge of the law and the bankruptcy process. We were always greeted promptly and warmly by everyone we came in contact within the office and on the phone. All our questions or concerns were answered within the day we called or emailed. We would tell others that this office is filled with highly skilled professionals who made a very difficult process very easy.
Thank you again.

– Anonymous

Seth and your entire staff have been amazing, thanks so much for all your help!

– Lisa

We would like to thank all of you who helped us at Mr. Hanson’s firm. Each person we came in to contact with made us feel comfortable and really took the time to explain everything to us. This was very helpful and appreciated since we went through the process feeling confident in our decision and felt supported during such a difficult time. All staff who we were in contact with clearly knew the process well and if he/she had any doubt, he/she sought advice from Mr. Hanson on our behalf and promptly provided a response to us. We found all staff to be very professional and caring. This helped us feel comfortable and confident in the firm’s ability to handle our case. All responses were very timely, thorough and understandable. We would tell others to contact this firm if they were in a similar financial position as us. We found each staff member to be knowledgeable, professional and very caring. These attributes made a complex process in our eyes to be very simple. We greatly appreciate all the support we received and have a lot of confidence in the services the firm provided.

– Nichol

I liked that everything was person to person. My impression about your knowledge of the law and the bankruptcy was that you guys new what you were doing. The treatment from you was excellent! You guys were great in every way and answered all my questions. I have already recommended you guys to others for your service.

– Reginald

It has been a difficult time for us. Please let Seth know I appreciate all of his help, as well as everyone in your office. It was a pleasure working with him.

– Hilda

The people at your office were just incredible, friendly, supportive, concerned. A definite A+. And I work in the Customer Service Field, and not easily impressed!
The knowledge was very good as far as I could tell. You were very professional, but also treated me as a friend. Any questions I had were answered within the same day, sometimes the same hour, with having lots of cases because of your outstanding service, that was outstanding. When my husband and I walked into your office, I was very comfortable with you, You knew what to do, treated us well, and took extra time to make sure we went over everything.

We had previously gone to another bankruptcy lawyer for a consultation and were treated like dirt, rolled there eyes every time we said anything and wanted three times the amount of money Seth wanted, I left with tears and feeling about an inch high, it was terrible, so when we walked into Seth’s office, I was pretty irritated and uncomfortable to start.
The assistants in the office and Seth turned that all around, when we left I felt like a weight had been lifted of my shoulders and could breath a little, it was a life saver for me and my husband.

I have referred five people to them, I was also referred to them by a friend, if you’re thinking about bankruptcy, these are the people to work with, the women in the office are just awesome, I actually miss talking to them, and that’s a first for me!

– Christine

I found the firms representation to be more than what I expected. I was always kept in the loop, all my questions were answered (whether or not I asked more than once the same question), and I felt completely supported by the firm staff when going through this (at times) scary ordeal. Thank you again.

– Joanna

I appreciate all of your hard work and making it a smooth process. I liked that all of my phone calls were returned the same day. Your staff is very knowledgeable, prompt, and helpful. I was treated respectfully. I would refer the firm to a friend because all your questions will be answered.

– Joni

I liked that you had very friendly, caring staff. You were all very knowledgeable. Your treatment towards me was excellent and you quickly responded to all my concerns. If a friend asked of your overall impression, I would say that we were very impressed and we would recommend you to them.

– Danielle

I always got a prompt response. The friendly staff was always willing to answer my questions or assist me with my concerns. Everyone was very knowledgeable. The office staff were all very friendly and they were very nice when I called and asked questions. It helped that they were very understanding and patient. I would recommend your firm and even tell others about the friendly experience we received from you.

You were very open and answered all of my questions. Never (made me feel like I was asking) a dumb question. I was comfortable with your knowledge of the law. I never felt a need to question it. It was hard for me to make this decision to move forward in my life. Everyone was friendly to me and respectful. Non-judgmental. Every question I asked was answered promptly and appropriately. I would recommend you.

– Anonymous

The people that work for the firm are the most professional and prompt to all questions or documents. I had the pleasure to work with Amie at the beginning of the process and she is the most responsive person I ever worked with. Then, Kristin made sure to keep us informed of the court dates and documents on the day of the meeting. We met Seth at my house. His confidence and knowledge is superb. He was punctual and very professional. After my wife lost her job and the debts were overwhelming, we were in desperation for help and answers. Seth, with his confidence and professionalism, made us feel relief and hopeful of our future. He was very detailed on all the answers and options. He was the best medicine to our worries and depression. Thanks Seth!

In terms of friendly, respect and professional manner: The whole staff deserves a 100+.
This is the best firm on Responsiveness and Promptness. We will most definitely refer you to our friends and family. Your services are excellent!

– Luis

1. Your service was professional, easy to understand and friendly.
2. I felt you guys were professionals and I could trust that you guys knew what would be the best option for me not knowing so much about bankruptcy.
3. The friendliness and courteousness was an A +.
4. Very prompt and fast back and forth communication.
5. I’ve actually referred a friend already and would definitely recommend your business.

– Anonymous

Both my husband and I felt that everyone in your office was very knowledgeable, helpful, respectful and professional. We both appreciated not being judged. We have never gone through anything like this before – we’ve always paid our bills. So, to take this step and not feel like second-class citizens was very nice. I would recommend your office to anyone that needed these types of services. Again, thank you for all of your help. Please pass on our appreciation to Seth also.

– Kay