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Credit Card Debt Up 5%

Recently Nerdwallet posted it’s 2018 study of household debt. The study revealed the American households have 5% more credit card... View Article

The Debt Snowball

Snow is something we Californian’s don’t have a lot of experience with. However, we’ve all probably been in a snowball... View Article

The Envelope System

The envelope system is a budgeting system that helps people visualize, plan, and monitor their spending habits. Many financial planners... View Article

Millennials And Finances

Older generations love to talk about millennials as if they are the entitled generation. After all, they use words like... View Article

Finances And Dating

Recently, dating website Tinder released a study showing the top 10 most desirable occupations for a potential mate. The survey... View Article

Social Security Increase

Each year in October, the Social Security Administration announces its annual cost-of-living increases for the following year. It is expected... View Article