Your Case Has Been Dismissed, Now What?

You can file a new Chapter 13 after your prior case has been dismissed. If you use an experienced bankruptcy attorney, your chances of succeeding in your new case are greatly improved. In fact, the bankruptcy court for the Central District of California conducted a study, where they determined that if you did not have a bankruptcy attorney representing you, your chances of succeeding in your Chapter 13 case were less than 1%.

California Bankruptcy Attorney Seth L. Hanson has been practicing law since 2001. In that time, he has done over 1,000 bankruptcies. He knows the Chapter 13 Trustee’s, their staff, the people that work behind the scenes, and the judges. He knows the idiosyncrasies of filing Chapter 13 cases in the Eastern District of California. If you have questions regarding a new or previous Chapter 13 case, please call the Law Office of Seth L. Hanson at 916-780-7005. We’d be honored to help assist you and see that your new Chapter 13 case is a success.