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    I liked your fast, friendly service. You were all knowledgeable in the area of bankruptcy. Your treatment of me as a client was spectacular! You were great at promptly responding to my questions and concerns. I loved that you provided courteous and quick responses to all my questions.
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    I have worked with Seth and he is the utmost professional in how he works with his clients. If you need an attorney you can trust I would highly recommend the Law Office of Seth Hanson.
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    Everyone was very professional and efficient. Seth, and everyone that I had contact with were very knowledgeable. I was very pleased with how we were treated by his staff. My questions were always answered promptly. I was very pleased with the service I received and would not hesitate to refer someone to your firm.
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    You were very open and answered all of my questions. You never made me feel like I was asking a dumb question. I was comfortable with your knowledge of the law. It was hard for me to make this decision to move forward in my life. Everyone was friendly to me and respectful. Non-judgmental. Every question I asked was answered promptly and appropriately. I would recommend you.
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    I found the firm's representation to be more than what I expected. I was always kept in the loop, all my questions were answered (whether or not I asked more than once the same question), and I felt completely supported by the firm staff when going through this (at times) scary ordeal. Thank you again.
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    I liked that you had very friendly, caring staff. You were all very knowledgeable. Your treatment towards me was excellent and you quickly responded to all my concerns. If a friend asked of your overall impression, I would say that we were very impressed and we would recommend you to them.

Average 401k Balances By Age

Recently Fidelity released statistics on the average 401K balance by age. The numbers may provide some insight into how prepared future generations will be for retirement. It is important to note that the IRS has contribution limits to 401K accounts of $19,000 per year. For those 50 or older contribution limits are increased to $25,000.00 per year.

Age Group Average 401K Account Balance
20-29 $11,600
30-39 $43,600
40-49 $106,200
50-59 $179,100
60-69 $198,600
70 and older $186,800

Some of our clients have struggled to build up their retirement by taking 401K loans to help make ends meet. If you are struggling to keep up with minimum payments and contribute to your future call your local Fairfield bankruptcy attorney.

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